Nice to Meet You!

I am the mascot of MILLENNIUM City. A small robot. Although … I’m not really small at all. It just seems so. In real life I am about 2 meters tall. But no need to worry, no matter if young or old, tiny or tall I’m nice to everyone. I live in MILLENNIUM City, because it is simply wow-some here! There is always action and fun going on in the entertainment paradise. You get the best fries at the Food Plaza. And you can experience the most amazing things here!

Join My Club!

The LENNI Kids Club. A club for all kids. Comes with your very own personal Club Card. There is still some work to do. So I have to ask you for a little patience, but soon my Club is ready for you.

Your Advantages:

Meet LENNI in person.
• A surprise present on your birthday.
• Receive regular LENNI News by mail or e-mail.
• Enjoy special offers in MILLENNIUM City.
• Take part in some awesome prizes winning games.

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LENNI’s Profile


Year of birth: 2020

Place of birth: MILLENNIUM City

Life motto: Have fun!

Favorite word: Wow-some

Favorite place: The Entertainment Center and the Food Plaza as well as the Shopping Center and generally the whole MILLENNIUM City. It’s always an experience!

Favorite style: The more modern the better, I’m just a high-tech freak. 🙂

Favorite drink: Oil in any form

Favorite food: French fries from Five Guys, salad and anything with oil

Favorite movie: I, Robot and WALL•E

Favorite person: You! 😉

See you soon!