House Rules for a relaxed shopping experience together!

For your own safety and in respect for everyone else.

In MILLENNIUM City all customers, shop partners and employees are in a safe environment. The international COVID-19 certificate from Safe Asset Group, granted 2020 and renewed 2021, confirms that we are well prepared in terms of hygiene, prevention and organization.

To be safe and in order to take care of everyone else, we ask you to stick to our house rules:

1. Wearing a FFP2 mask is mandatory in the entire mall. So please wear a face mask at all times.
2. If you need to sneeze or cough, don’t take off your mask!
Keep a safe distance of at least 2 meter to each other!
4. Pay by bank, debit or credit card whenever possible!
5. Wash your hands or disinfect them regularly!
6. Do routine Corona PCR tests, e.g. at the COVID-19 test station at the plaza on first level!
7. We recommend using the “Stop Corona” app by the Austrian Red Cross on your smartphone!
8. Individual additional regulations of our shops and restaurants are binding!

To protect all our visitors and guests, anyone who does not comply these rules is asked to leave our shopping and entertainment center. Thank you for your understanding!

For more information about the coronavirus and current regulations please follow this link. If you want to know which shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities are open and when they are open please visit our opening hours page.

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