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Give the whole MILLENNIUM City as a gift.

You cannot decide on a present for your loved ones? Put the world at their feet. The whole world of the MILLENNIUM City namely. Fashion and shoes, children’s fashion and toys, electronics and telecommunications, food and hygiene items, perfumery products and cosmetics, jewelry and accessories, paper goods and books, sports and travel, decoration and furniture, food and drink, entertainment, and all kinds of services.

In other words: over 100 shops, pubs and entertainment offers. Shopping, enjoyment, and pleasure galore. And in an unimagined variety. With a full selection. And all possibilities. Because the MillenniumGutschein vouchers can be used in all shops, cafes, bars and restaurants as well as for all entertainment offers. It’s that easy, just like cash.

Where is this extremely practical gift available you might ask?
At the Center Information located on the Plaza, 1st floor.