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This year, A1 has won the Connect Shop Test with the A1 Shops! In addition to providing perfect service, the A1 Shops will also take on a new look and feel in the future. For the first time in a mall, the innovative A1 shop concept is being realized at Millenium City.

What will A1 customers be facing in the new A1 Shop Millenium City?

  • Highlights & innovations to try out, e.g. A1 Smart Home – the intelligent navigation for your home
  • Cutting-edge design with feel-good character
  • A1 brings digitalization to life with exciting solutions
  • Easy orientation in the shop – all gadgets for travelling & at home
  • Interactive service via touchscreens

Behind the scenes – how the new A1 Shop Millenium City is being built: to make A1 customers really feel good, the shop, which is planned on paper, will be replicated in cardboard in life size at the beginning. A diverse team of interior designers, sales staff and customer experience experts is optimizing the inner life of the new shop in terms of customer flows, sales dialogues, customer experience and use of space. Sleeves are being rolled up and even the top management lends a hand with the reconstruction of the cardboard shop. It will be tinkered, sawn and rebuilt. Together, the A1 team pursues one goal: customers and employees should be fully satisfied and be able to discover and experience all of the A1 world. Only if this is guaranteed, furniture production will start.