What about the little extras?

What would the #MillenniumExperience be without its amenities? Not the same. For sure. Because the #MillenniumExperience is way more than just shopping and entertainment.

From the garage spaces including a car wash and electric charging station. From little extras like free Wi-Fi, lockers, and mobile phone charging stations. Yes and of course clean toilets and baby changing rooms. After all, we want you to make yourself feel at home in MILLENNIUM City. And not just for a short shopping spree, but a few hours longer. It never gets boring with all the shopping, fun, and entertainment on offer.

The baby changing rooms are located on the ground floor and on the first floor.

For your safety video surveillance is installed at the entrances.

Alphaclean has been operating as a textile cleaning company in Vienna for more than 55 years and offers its clients careful, high-quality cleaning at a reasonable price.

Phone: +43 699 1 55 77 99 4
Email: office@alphaclean.at
Website: www.alphaclean.at

Try the services of one of the most popular driving schools in Vienna, which has already turned over 25,000 customers into happy drivers. Low prices, skilled training and driving on the highway with a Ferrari, Lamborghini or the Shelby GT500 are offered by Fahrschule Rainer MC together with four or eight week courses.

Phone: +43 1 332 17 79
Fax: +43 1 332 17 79 – 20
Email: info@fahrschule-rainermc.at
Website: www.fahrschule-rainermc.at

Wien Energie together with Millennium City has installed eight charging stations in the underground parking area.

You can find the E-Tankstelle in parking area 1 in the 1. UG (basement level 1)


  • Monday – Friday: 1am. – 7pm.
  • Saturday: 1am. – 5pm.
  • First three hours FREE
  • After that 3,00 € per hour
  • You can park again for free 3,5 hours after your first entry


  • Monday – Friday: 7pm. – 1am.
  • Saturday: 5pm. – Monday 1am.
  • First three hours FREE
  • after that 2,00 € per hour
  • You can park again for free 3,5 hours after your first entry


  • 26,00 € per day


  • 32,00 €


  • for more information please call  01 / 24000-1015 or -1014


  • Shopping Centre parking area: 6am.-2am (Exit 24 hours)
  • Entertainment Centre parking area: open 24 hours

Please note that the max. height for vehicles is 2,1m.

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The branch network of Austrian Post is one of the largest private customer networks in the country and offers its customers throughout Austria high-quality products and services in the postal, banking, telecommunications and energy sectors. The Post Partner in Tabak Trafik in Millennium City offers postal and banking services:



  • letters
  • advertising mail
  • media mail
  • parcels
  • EMS – Express Mail Service
  • holiday compartment
  • redirection order
  • postal power


  • Deposits up to EUR 3.000,-

On Bank 99 accounts and accounts of any other bank

On Bank 99 savings accounts and passbooks

  • Payments up to EUR 3.000,-
  • From Bank 99 Accounts
  • From Bank 99 Savings Accounts
  • referrals

On Bank 99 accounts and accounts of any other bank

  • Disbursements from BAWAG P.S.K instructions


  • Sale of stamps
  • eVoucher

Postal customer service: +43 810 010 100

Edi’s Schuhservice und Schlüsseldienst is located on the ground floor of Millennium City and will carry out the swift repair of your favourite shoes while also offering a wide range of services related to keys and locks. Edi’s Schuhservice is noted for its expertise and speed in all matters.

Mobile: +43 676/79 88 798
Fax: +43 1 374 82 20

Stop & Wash is the expert in cleaning and caring for your automobile. Modern equipment and high-quality special products as well as many years of experience and careful hand washing provide you great pleasure and help to retain the value of your vehicle.

Just take the time for your shopping trip – we take care of your car and make it shine.


Auto-Reinigung Stop & Wash
Millennium City
Handelskai 94, Stiege 4 / 1. UG
1200 Wien, Austria

Telephone: +43 1 332 43 13

Millennium City offers you the possibility to surf for free.

You can:

  • Send and receive E-mails
  • Surf in the World Wide Web
  • Connect to business networks
  • Instant messaging
  • News
  • Online magazines
  • And all other services that Internet offers.

The Millennium City vouchers can be redeemed in all shops, bars, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues. The vouchers are available at the Millennium City Information on the Plaza on the 1st floor.

#MillenniumLocal suppliers

Full house!

Nothing is missing in MILLENNIUM City. Whatever you might be looking for, just come to MILLENNIUM City. It does not matter whether you must go to the pharmacy, the post office or the bank. Whether you need a haircut or are fancy for a new tattoo. If you need something out of the tobacco shop, drycleaner, locksmith or shoe repair. Whether you need to buy groceries or toiletries. Even if you are in need for a new outfit. Or your home entertainment system needs an upgrade? Yes, even if you are planning a surprise party (or want to ask the most important questions of all), you will everything necessary – thanks to a flower shop, jewelry store and even a travel agency.